Conferences & Guest Lectures

As far as i can remember, sharing knowledge, inspire people and help them to go beyong their limits has been a motor in my life.

That's why i started my career in education. Passionated by human beings, i always find a way to be a better teacher. It's how i discovered Neuro Linguistic Programmation, Meditation and Neurosciences.  I had then the opportunity to train several teachers in many schools such as Montessory School for instance and in Business Schools. Step by step the circle grew and i could share my knowledge with the French National Police and with private companies. 

Ways to help grow people are unlimited and  it's a passionating and never-ending learning path. I have been graduated in NLP 20 years ago and it seems it was yesterday. Through my therapist and life coach activities, i kept learning every day. Sharing my experience and knowledge in neurosciences through original topics is a real source of happiness.  

It does not matter if I give meditation lessons in primary school, conferences in business school or if I train sales teams or managers, it is always a pleasure. 

If you want to inspire your people and help them to grow whatever their age is, then i am your man. 

Contact me : +33 611 610 273

Or email-me at : stephane.cozzo@gmail.com